Convology Vintage Springs

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Convology Loads of Springs

This library contains just under 40 different spring units. For many who grew up in the era of plates and springs, most were drawn to plates for very good reasons. After careful consideration and reaching out to studios around the globe for the most interesting vintage springs that could be found and acoustically captured, some of these springs are just absolutely gorgeous with the spring and electronics of the units, really creating some fantastic sounding reverbs – that 3D audio quality that many engineers aim to find. If you’ve always fancied yourself a plate reverb individual, this library will definitely change your mind.

There are springs of all kinds and yes, there are some boingy, (gotta have a few for that vintage guitar, lead vocal and organ sound right!) mono, stereo, along with a variety of lush and warm sounding springs that virtually feel and sound like a plate with “reflections from nearby walls” being obtained that only a spring can deliver, when light tremor and flutter of the spring occurs.

This library contains spring units of 1 spring, 2 springs and 3 springs, along with some really historical units, like tube spring that have been recorded with and used by the Rascals, Van Morrison and James Brown, “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” This springs collection is complete with a wide range of springs, useful for a variety of applications. There are a good number of impulse response files in this library, that you wouldn’t hesitate to apply to the lead vocal – they’re that good and would absolutely compete with some of your favorite reverb presets – digital or plate. A number of leading engineers and producers use springs on a regular basis and some as their main go to for reverb in general.

Which Springs Included

Because of the difficulty with having as many different venders and manufacturers in this library, it was decided that it would be easier to give general names to the springs. While every consideration to getting specific name and trademark clearances were thought about, the obvious conclusion was to give the end user, purchasing this library, as many of the original units captured and therefore, the decision was made to forgo what could have amounted to very tedious and drawn out clearances and to give end users a great library – which we did! Some who are familiar with springs, will probably have an idea of a given spring in use – some of the units are just so iconic, they’re hard to ignore and not know what type of spring is being applied and being listened to.

What Files Are included

With the spring files, the truest and most accurate representation of each spring unit have been sampled. This was a massive project with engineers and studios from 6 different countries recording upwards of 40 spring reverb units. With a library project of this size, moving forward with studios who were well regarded, having achieved a great deal of success in the industry, was very important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they know their gear, it’s behaviors and what works best – beyond impulse recording and capture, that really was most important on this project. Secondly, the gear had been used on numerous Grammy nominated and winning productions. Lastly, knowing that time was a commodity, studios and engineers were given specific criteria in regards to how to best implement the library goals, following our lead and impulse response techniques and who could deliver under those advanced specifications.

Because time was critical, the “sweet” spots of each spring were recorded. To simplify, for some springs, because they were really a one trick pony for its day, but still had a beautiful or iconic sound and were a known quantity, there were only a handful of samples and impulse captures that took place and for others, a good number more samples were captured with a wide array of impulse response files. One could argue the difference in the files of a 2.5 second sample over a 2.75 second sample, but the reality, even for most award winning engineers, is that between software adjustments alone, and the fact that many springs simply weren’t that adjustable with decay times (some not at all), that overall time could be conserved and with some vintage gear, trying to push outside parameters of decay change, could only be effected so much.

With that in mind, there is a huge selection of springs and there really is something for everyone. This library will compete with anything out there – and then who has it all? Who has upwards of 40 spring manufacturers known in one pristine library, all at 96/24 sonic resolution – Convology! Impulse Record has gone where no other company or library has, capturing dozens of physical spring models in painstaking detail and all in one 96/24 library!

Spring Generalities and Basic Characteristics

Spring reverb units are so varied, with some manufacturers using a simple spring, to some with multiple springs, some with tubes in the design, some solid state, etc (not to mention the actual length of the springs – some are very long) that unlike the plates library where one could group them together and create simple sub categories, it’s much harder in the spring world – it really is. That’s why this library is so interesting and worth adding to your convolution and impulse response library – there’s nothing else out there like it.

If you want that 50’s and 60’s vintage spring sound, you’ll want to apply one of our mono oriented springs and we have a number of those where multiple units were sampled and then run in tandem for stereo effect.

If you are looking for a plate response that has more of that 3D acoustic sound, where you can almost hear the envelopment of the sound waves in a concert hall, try dialing in one of the Austrian, MasMix, or Mmix springs – you won’t be disappointed.

If you want a fun current sounding reverb effect, but with a little vintage vibe, try a number of the springs, but find the reverb length in the 1 – 2 seconds range.

That vintage guitar sound will be had with one of the boingy springs – no doubt. There are a good number of variations, in the boingy category, so check them all out.

If you want to add spatial qualities to an instrument, or perhaps the lead vocal, even while applying a plate or digital reverb on top, try placing one of our hybrid spring files and pull it back from the top reverb and you’ll add some of that 3D acoustic magic. Also try applying a shorter Austrian spring and you’ll hear additional front end “reflections,” also yielding to a more 3D sound

Springs can absolutely carry the entire job, or work as a great addition to other FX on particular tracks – that’s really the beauty of this springs library and is why you will enjoy the broad and diverse impulse response files captured and included in pristine 96/24 detail!

Compatible with:
Acoustic Mirror
Altiverb 5
Altiverb 6
Magix Samplitude
NI Kontakt 2 & 3
Prosoniq Rayverb
Sir I & II
Voxengo Pristine Space
Waves IR1
And a host of others…
All preserved in 96/24 wav files to capture every nuance in your recordings!