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Echo Space

Echo Space – 10 Units – 137 Files – 261 megs

This part of the vintage verb library contains numerous Tape Echo Units, Oil Can Delay, various competitors to the 201 and 301 and then what we call
the Space section, where we have included a good number of files from these historic early DSP era units.

Units Included:

Echo 312
German Echo
Oil Can Delay
SS 282
SS 282 Unit 2
Tape Echo

These tape delays, oil can and SST 282 files are really quite unique and sound like the original units in many cases, with engineers having a hard time A – B ing the original units to the convolution reverb files contained in the Echo Space Library.  All of the tape delays can be tempo based to your particular project by using the Stretch and Decay parameters and sound incredibly authentic.  The beauty of the Echo Space Library, is the ability to use these treasured vintage outboard gear units, without the maintenance and sometimes noise floor levels that many engineers had to work with back in the 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.

While Convology XT has gorgeous vintage DSP reverbs, halls and spaces, etc, many users gravitate towards the early pioneers of the Echo Space Library vintage units, for all of the qualities that made them popular from when first introduced to the recording industry where both engineers and recording artists fell in love with them.

If you are looking for unique sounding vintage impulse response files, that have unique qualities with iconic gear from this era, then look no further!  The Echo Space Library contains files that will make your production and recording come alive with vintage sounding units that are rich and warm sounding.  Those engineers familiar with the old Tape Delays, know the warmth that these older units provided back in the day.