Kontakt 5 sampler vs. Kontakt 5 Player

If you’re new to using sample libraries, this can be a bit confusing. Our products are for use in Native Instruments’
Kontakt 5 sampler (or earlier version depending on product). Currently, Kontakt 5 is available at NI’s website for under

Our products will not work (except in Demo mode for 15 mins.) in Kontakt 5 Player, which is a free download on NI’s site.

Our products will not work the Kontakt Player that came with another company’s library (except in Demo mode for 15 mins) .

If it says Kontakt Player in the upper left corner, our products will not work.
Well, not for more than 15 minutes at a time in demo mode.

If you do not own the full version of Kontakt, there is still hope:
If you bought one of our products, like Strummaker IV Acoustic, for instance, and don’t have the full version of Kontakt,
you can still use it – the only limitation is the time limit. After the instrument times out, just restart Kontakt and all of your
edits, like Patterns and Custom Chords, will be re-loaded! Just make sure that you save your project before the 15
minute time out! Then, when you’re happy with your guitar track, just record it onto an audio track and keep on working
without interruption.